Distracted driver reenacts a jump scene from Fast Furious

Distracted driver reenacts a jump scene from Fast  Furious
May 2023

This distracted driver was auditioning for a stunt driver role in Fast & Furious by achieving a spectacular jump off a tow truck bed.

Americans love a good movie and perhaps all too often, the lines between Hollywood and real life are closer than one would think.

In this footage taken from a police body camera in Lowndes Country, Georgia, we can see what happens when you stop paying attention for a brief moment - the end result looks like something out of the Fast & Furious franchise.

A distracted driver was reportedly looking at the accident which had taken place on the other side of the highway and somehow didn't notice the giant flatbed truck in front of them.

As can be seen in the footage, the sedan was launched in the air and lands on its side, somehow avoiding taking out other vehicles nearby.

One does have to wonder why the truck was sitting there on a highway with its flatbed set up perfectly for a impromptu movie stunt but regardless, the footage is quite remarkable in that no one was seriously hurt.

It also gives a pretty good indication of just how unrealistic some action movies are with what would happen to an airborne car.